About The Show
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The Music Of Viewfinders

View Finders chronicles the adventures of two photographers who are in search of beautiful locations to photograph. Along the way they talk to experts about what makes each location so unique and so special, providing an educational aspect to the show. However it is the adventures and the visuals that will draw the audience in, with stunning footage of the locations when the light is the very best. The show is fun, upbeat, laid back, and completely unscripted. The dynamic between the two hosts is full of humor and good natured conversation, and their adventures take them on hiking trails, in canoes, out on boats, and throughout some truly stunning landscapes.

The show features music from a wide range of up-and-coming artists, and the hosts also educate the audience about how they can use their phones to take better photos. Season two includes truly iconic locations like the Blue Ridge Parkway, Savannah, and Pisgah National Forest. The broad appeal of adventure, scenery, photography, music, and education helps the show connect to a wide demographic, and there is simply nothing else like it on TV today.